Name & Position                                      Contact Info

Preston Caldwell
Director of Schools                                      (731)662-4200

Kellie Medina
Supervisor of Instruction K12                          (731)662-4200
Supervisor of Attendance
ESSER Director
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Regina  Alred
Supervisor of Instruction                          (731)662-4200
Federal Programs Director
504 Coordinator
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Crystal  Polinski
Supervisor of Special Programs           (731)662-4200
Voluntary Pre-K Director
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Lisa  Ashby
Payroll and Insurance                                       662-4200  Ext:108
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Christy Thompson
School Nutrition Supervisor                       662-4200  Ext:105
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Shan  DePriest
Purchasing Agent                                       662-4200  Ext:107
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Angie  Hartz
Administrative Assistant                               662-4200  Ext:101
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Mark Wright
Maintenance Supervisor                               662-4200  Ext:110
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